let’s go on an adventure

Limited to 2 groups per day,
camping in the remote wilderness of the Gobi Desert,
enjoying the majestic nature and observing animals,
while savoring the local nomadic cuisine.

We donʼt stop playing because we glow old;
We glow old because we stop playing.

Our adventure is a plan to visit the hidden gem of the Gobi Desert, limited to two groups per day.
Spending time in the untouched wilderness where even the locals rarely come will become an irreplaceable experience in your life.

Jobs fill your pockets.
But adventures fills your souls

The traditional Mongolian cuisine born from the wilderness of nature.
In the remote areas of the Gobi Desert, you will stay in authentic gers and the local nomadic people will prepare meals for you.

One page of the adventure
You can make your own.

Embrace nature and spend time leisurely,
or reflect on life by the campfire.
Search for the legendary Argali sheep,
or have the sheep butchered and savor the gift of life.
Enjoy horseback riding, all are wonderful options


3 Days 2 Nights Plan

Adults: $ 1,150

Elementary School Students: $ 750

5 Days 4 Nights Plan

Adults: $ 1,800

Elementary School Students: $1,200

1 Week Stay Plan

Adults: $ 2,400

Elementary School Students: $ 1,600

2 Weeks Stay Plan

Adults: $ 4,550

Elementary School Students: $ 3,000

For each additional night:

Adults: $ 380

Elementary School Students: $ 250

*Infants are free of charge.
*Please inquire for the one-night stay option.


Embarking on a journey to search for the endangered and auspicious Argali sheep, which is believed to bring luck!

It is an endangered species and is considered a symbol of luck in Mongolia if spotted. Can you find it?!

$ 25 per person. 

Let’s take a horse ride and explore the great outdoors!

Riding through the vast wilderness of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, while immersing in the beauty of nature, will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

$ 45 per hour.

Harvesting the life of a sheep: from butchering to becoming a meal.

You will have the opportunity to witness parts of life that you don’t usually encounter. Experience the gratitude for the gift of life in ways you may have never imagined.

$ 150 per sheep.

Let’s ride a buggy and explore the great outdoors!

You will feel a sense of boundless freedom as you drive through the vast wilderness with the buggy. However, please make sure to use it only within the area where the camp is visible, as getting lost could be a real challenge to find your way back.

$ 45 per hour. 


First Day Schedule:

At 8:00, we will welcome you at the central area hotel in Ulaanbaatar.
We will then drive to the remote area of the Gobi Desert and arrive around 17:00 (scheduled time).
Accommodation will be provided in local gers (traditional Mongolian tents) at the destination.

Round-trip transfers from the airport to the hotel are also available.
Round-trip fare: $ 80.

Duration of Stay:

We will guide you according to your preferred options.
You are free to explore the surroundings, enjoy leisurely reading, take photographs, and have meals with your companions.
The time is yours to use as you please!

Recommended hotels

Final Day Schedule:

After lunch, we will depart from the local area at 13:00 and expect to arrive in Ulaanbaatar city around 20:00.
After dropping you off at the hotel, the tour will conclude.

【Included in the Tour】

  • Meals for 2 nights and 3 days
  • Water (1L per day)
  • Firewood for campfire
  • Transfers to the local area
  • Emergency medical supplies

【Not included in the tour:】

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Accommodation expenses for the local stay
  • International travel insurance
  • Lunch on the first day
  • Personal food and beverages not provided by us (including alcohol)

*For information about international travel insurance, please inquire.

【Cancellation Policy for Your Reservation】

  • From 2 months before the tour date: 30% of the tour fee.
  • From 1 month before the tour date: 50% of the tour fee.
  • From 1 week before the tour date: 100% of the tour fee.

Please be aware of the cancellation fees depending on the timing of your cancellation.





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